All about Walkies Cleo & Bonnie

The Blog is back and we have a new puppy. We will be completing the Wales Coastal Path in Cleo’s memory and alongside us will be Bonnie the Havanese.

23rd to 26th March – Ceredigion

This is our second weekend of walking in 2018 and it was a big one with 46.1 miles walked in total. On Friday 23rd March we started with a short section from Aberystwyth to Borth. Saturday was then the hilliest day at over 620 metres from Aberdyfi to Machynlleth. On Sunday we did the longest day at over 16 miles and 590 metres of height from Machynlleth to Borth and on Monday we finished with 11 miles from Aberystwyth to Llanrhystud. So the total now is 384.4 miles walked and 489.8 miles to go.

On Facebook we have set up a closed group with all the new walks as we do them, and we will transfer all the old photos across as well.  The facebook group is called Walkies Bonnie and from here you can get access to all the photos on each walk rather than the highlights on here (capacity doesn’t allow for many photos on here). If you want to join the group then make a request.

We are also on Instagram and on Twitter @walkiescleo

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Andrew and Sharon

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