All about Walkies Cleo, Bonnie & Lola

We finally gave in to our desires and got another puppy – so Lola the Cockerpoo now joins Bonnie on coastal path walks.  We will be completing the Wales Coastal Path in Cleo’s memory with both Bonnie and Lola beside us now.

13th July 2021

Another Anglesey walking weekend, and we have now finished all of Anglesey.

Port Swtan to Stanley Embankment – 10.1 miles completed

Amlwch Port to Cemaes Bay  – 8.1 miles completed

Cemaes Bay to Port Swtan (church bay) – 12.6 miles completed

A great weekend of walking with 30.8 miles completed in total.  And overall we are now 710.8 miles walked and 196 miles to go.

1st June 2021

It’s been a long winter and lockdown but finally we are out walking again and used the lovely weather of the bank holiday weekend to make the long trek up to Anglesey again.

Aberffraw to Newborough – 15.3 miles completed

Menai Bridge to Newborough – 14.6 miles completed

Saron to Trefor – 13.2 miles completed

Here is the complete list of all the walks, with links to all the ones completed – Here you can see the task that remains ahead of us to complete the coastal path by June next year 17 more walks to go and 196 miles to go.

On Facebook we have set up a closed group with all the new walks as we do them, and we will transfer all the old photos across as well.  The facebook group is called Walkies Bonnie and from here you can get access to all the photos on each walk rather than the highlights on here (capacity doesn’t allow for many photos on here). If you want to join the group then make a request.

We are also on Instagram and on Twitter @walkiescleo

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Andrew and Sharon

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