Barry Island Loop

2nd May 2016

After a weekend of swimming galas and Sharon working on Bank holiday Monday we decided we had to sneak a bit of coastal path walking in, no matter how short – and the Barry Island loop was just the job for late afternoon on a Bank Holiday Monday with the sun shining. But how to get the kids to walk it as well? Of course – the promise of fish and chips and the amusements!!

We parked at Barry railway station, the scene of a previous start point and got our walking boots on – and some decided on a pose.

Cleo points the way

We had to head down the road and across the causeway to Barry Island, and the main car park.

At the back of the car park a short walk gets you to the coast.

Coast is behind Cleo and children

Although the sun was out it was quite chilly in the breeze and by now seagulls were using the breeze to stay perfectly still in the air as we headed to Friars point.

Cleo flies through the air full of energy on the way to Friars point

The walk then took us along the undercover promenade where the smell of chips was too much to resist.


And along the sea front besides Whitmore Bay to the climbing wall and on round Nell’s point.

We then detoured down to walk along a small beach before walking around a few backstreets to complete the loop. Time for one last pose before we headed back to the car:

The elf has too many hands

Because of the location of the car, and some extra back and forwards to the amusements we walked 6.1 miles in total but only 3.5 of it counts towards the coastal path, making our total 141.4 miles completed and 728.6 miles to go. There will be a lack of updates for a couple of weeks now while other non coastal path related activities take priority.

Andrew and Sharon

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