Rhyl to Prestatyn and back

10th October 2016

For our last walk of the weekend we needed to join up the gap we had left between Rhyl and Prestatyn. We decided to walk both ways and spend a bit of time in Prestatyn along the way, hoping to find some quaint seaside shops.

So from the campsite we headed straight out onto the coastal path on a glorious day – we had really been lucky with the weather this weekend.

The tide is out, the beach looks lovely and there are the wind turbines
A fabulous beach

Walking this way you have to cross Rhyl Harbour on the new footbridge.

Rhyl harbour
The footbridge
The view the other way

And then we walked along Rhyl seafront, and we have never seen so many mobility scooters – there must have been a convention or something!!

The old swimming pool complex that Sharon could remember going in as a child was being knocked down (well it was quite old now!!)


The beach stretches out to Prestatyn

And the beach stretched on for miles and miles, coffee and cake after coffee and cake… hence the smiles…..


And before we knew it we were at Prestatyn with it’s beachhut-like leisure area.

img_5262 img_5264

A detour into town for a shop – no, nothing worth buying, and a nice lunch and we then headed back the way we came, except for one small detour:

Time for one last selfie and yes, Sharon did have an ice-cream as well, she just hid it from shot

The end of a fabulous walking weekend – today was 16.2 miles in total taking the weekend total to 62.7 miles, but only 5 miles was counted towards the coastal path total, making 233.9 miles walked and 636.0 miles to go still.

We are already planning our next trip up to cover off Conwy and Llandudno down to Bangor, so it won’t be long till we complete the whole of the top of Wales.

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